If I must die in this war
With my heartless enemy spraying the bullets
On my young innocent chest
Let me die the last.. And don’t kill by bullet
Kill me last when you are tired

If I must die in the line of duty
Don’t kill me in the broad daylight
So that I don’t curse the young generation
Soldiers don’t die in the afternoon
Kill me in a chilly morning
Let me rest with the melodious songs of birds
Kill me last when my body is still numb

If I can’t survive in this fight
If am counted to die in your filthy palms
All in the line of this precious calling
Kill me last after liberation
Let me die when the generation is smilling
Proud of the second liberation that I brought
Kill me last after peace has prevailed

If I must die…
If I must die in this peace keeping mission
Kill me during the rainy season
For the rain will wash away my footprints
And if you insist I must die
Kill me with the last bullet
Then hang your boots and rest
Kill me last.. After I accomplish the mission

Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved
© Jakoyo_2018



Sebby The Poet™
In the blue sapphire skies of the day
I think of the untold day
The day after today I say
I won’t mind what it holds
But life still goes on
Like this is the last day to live

Caren Kimz
I will wait for tomorrow
with the whole me not narrow
with plans on my diary
on how it will be not like daily
I want it to be much special
for tomorrow is crucial

Sebby The Poet™
Though tomorrow is untold
I will wait on it like a precious diamond
In it my hopes I hold
I hope the day will be brilliant
In the dawn I will wake
Walk on the morning grass
I won’t fear the dwindling dew
For tomorrow holds my destiny
Though untold.……

Caren Kimz
with hope for tomorrow
it being better than today
I will hustle early at dawn
in the hot scorching sun
in a harsh or cool environment
with everything and anything
for tomorrow must be great

Sebby The Poet™
Finally when tomorrow comes
And all my dreams achieved
I will bask in the moon’s rays
Feel the romantic whispers of the stars
I will stretch my tired numb feet
And enjoy the fruits of tomorrow
This tomorrow…. The untold day

© Sebby The Poet™
Ayieko Jakoyo
© Caren Kimz

All rights reserved


Sebby The Poet™
On my sick bed
Sorrounded by several pity souls
Praying for me the last prayer
Wishing me to fare well
With an extension of oxygen pipe
Tied strong on my nose..
On the life support machine
I will ask for a pen and a paper
To write my usual nice poems

Tear gas Poet
I’ll snatch a paper from the hospital diary,
Steal a pen, whenever the nurses carry,
For in the drips my heart will be absolve,
For i want to die doing what i love,
I’ll walk in the dark period for miles,
Just to paint my dying face with smiles,

Sebby The Poet™
Before I gasp for the last breathe
I will snatch the doctors phone
Log to my poetry WordPress account
And publish my last piece
The advice piece to mankind
To live in peace of our Lord
And embrace the needed brotherhood

Tear gas Poet
I’ll put the signature at the beginning,
For if i die before i complete,
Then the source is established,
The river will flow, to form deltas,
And the message will reach the world in water,
I’ll write on the political regime,
I’ll write on abortion that it’s plans need to be aborted,
I’ll write on oppression,
Before my life fades away,
I’ll write to my lover,
I’ll say bye with tears of the stolen pen

Sebby The Poet™
And if my soul fades away
Before I complete the piece
I won’t rest in peace
My spirit will hover around
Like stubborn hunger in summer
From the darkest corner of the grave
I will sing the poem in fine tunes
Until the message reaches the world

© Sebby The Poet™
© Teargas Poet



Tell Salome am no longer a boy
Am old enough and my hair turning grey
Tell her I still remember her bitter scorn
On her face that night she left soon
Tell her… Tell her that am now a man
With two children, a daughter and a son

Tell Salome that am no longer mama’s son
I moved from being a boy to a gentleman
I still remember how she took me for a toy
Tell her that my life is now full of joy
The tears I shed cleared my eyes clean
And opened my heart for a beautiful queen
Marking an end to the era of crying

Tell Salome…
Tell her in the broad daylight
That I collected the pieces of the broken heart
Wove them into love under the moonlight
Tell her… Tell salome
That I married the chief’s daughter
While she decays in her father’s homeyard

@Sebby The Poet™
All rights reserved
© Jakoyo_2017



The sun rays pierce through the window
Penetrating through my hollow blanket
From a distance I see the trees’ shadows
Violent calm wind sweys the tree branches
The goats jump joyously around the compound
Akoko is already up to make ends meet
It is another opportunity,seize it and complain not

The cold mist pierce the skin sharply
Awakening the nerves to the daily routine
The daily chores that earns us a living
For life is a hustle with no rehersal
Odanga is already up making hey for cattle
It is another opportunity,seize it and complain not

The dark clouds have carpeted the sky
I can see them from a horizon so high
The sunny season is rocking a bye
Farmers filled with great joy
Okumbo is already up clearing the land
It is another opportunity,seize it and complain not

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved

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Here i come loaded
The red roses i hold
In your arms i fall
Hold my hand smoothly
Hide me in the deepness of your dimples
Show me the true love simple
Let me hear the sound of the jingles
From the romantic hill beyond

Sing to me with the shrilling voice
Tell me you love me twice
Make me feel am your best choice
For you are my earthly paradise
Hold my hand smoothly
Let us lose ourselves in the hills across

Bath me with the shore sand
Splash the waters,shower my feet with love
Lets feel the ripples of water
The sizzling voice and the rattles of waves
Lets rise by the falling waves
Warm ourselves by the lights that paves
Hide me in your rounded nice curves
Hold my hands smoothly
Lets sweem in this sea of love

Under the shiny bright moonlight
Draw me close and hold me tight
In your arms let me feel great
Spray me with your sweet soft perfume
Hold my hands smooth
Lets join into a single soul,bound by love
For you are my Valentine

Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved
© Jakoyo_2018

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Nyoremo the beauty from across,
Her shape like petals of a rose,
Her face,shiny like dew on grass,
She is lost in the mountains,
I can’t really trace,
If you see Nyoremo….
Tell her am dying young

The learned girl from the lake,
The only genuine woman, others are fake,
My heart rattles like the metal grill,
It aches nonestope-twenty four hours a day,
Tears rolling dow my faded face,
Nyoremo…save my soul from pains,
If you see Nyoremo…
Tell her am fading away.

The suits you used to wash are now rags,
The rags that erases your last footprints,
I curse the door you used to pass,
That day you went to ‘Buore’- Nairobi,
Was I wrong to send you to school?
To get a degree like your fellow women?
Nyoremo….If you are listening
Come,pull me out of this mud

The memories of the moments keep lingering,
The meeting under the moonlight haunts,
In your deep dimples I used to hide my grief,
Your smile was the liberation,
From the chains of fortune I was chained to,
The university has swallowed my morning star,
The” hungry vulture” took her to the hills of Mavoko,
She left me in the shadows of death,
‘Nyoremo jaber nyiri…’ come rescue my soul
If you see Nyoremo….
Tell her I will die for LOVE

All rights reserved


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Dear sons of the soil,
The soil black as the Lybian oil,
The land of no laziness but toil,
The land where Nangabo himself hail
Your son is coming back from jail

It is December again my people,
Clean that place near grandmother’s ruins,
Our usual meeting place I mean,
The same spot we shade our blood to the ancestors,
As we dared the talented African “surgeons”
The spot where our foreskins dropped
As a sign of unity with the fore fathers
Am coming to collect the memories long lost

Visit Khainga the village brewer,
Tell him to ferment some maize and millet flour,
Remember we brew not because we are rich
But it is good for kinsmen to do so
Tell Nyangweso to be in charge of the meals
To roast the meat and add some “aliya”
Am coming we quench the long time thirst
As i clear the tearges smoke from my throat

It is December again kinsmen
Lets gather under the moon light
Irrigating out throats..
Let the kinsmen drink and bite
Let us dance to the tunes,
Of the sweet “Isukuti” beats
As we celebrate your son’s come back
From the ‘jail’ of Nairobi
Where teargas is the air we breath
Let us merry…it is December kinsmen

Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved

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A reply to Dear brothr Odhis
My brother CBO ….
Your letter found me well,
But there is some truth that mama doesnt know,
The woman in question is a billionaire,
She takes care of everything in my life here in Nairobi,
About the food worry not brother,
Nyar Gatundu will take care of that,
She will bring sacks of rice and some oduma,
Our dero will be filled to serve the entire village,
My brother..do me a fevour,
About the toilet please sweet-talk Oyugi wuod Nyapwoyo,
Tell him to allow us us his toilet..Nyar Gatundu will pay in dollars,
The children am coming with are not mine,
But i named them after Okinyo and Akoko,
So as to be accepted at home owadwa…
My brother….
About skin tights and skimpy skirts,
Tell the elders to forgive me,
It is beyond my control,
Tell Nyakwar Gwara to allow us use his borehole for water,
I will give him a ride in Nyar Gatundu’s Benz,
Finally CBO my brother..
Lend me your simba(cottage),
We wont take long time at home.

Your brother
Odhis Wuod Nyager

Sebby the Poet
All rights reserved

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