If and only if
Love was like poetry
Then i would ensure
That all aspects
That makes a poem
To be interesting and thrilling
Are coupled in love
So that what could come out
Could be more than ordinary love
But more of poetic love

I would ensure
That the first word of love
I whisper to you
Be so interesting and captivating
Just like the title of the best poem
So that it captivates you a thousand times
And stimulate your nerves to the end
So that you get the sense
Of keeping the love
Tight and true always

I would ensure
That I repeat the punchlines
Of the things you like to hear
Just like the repetition is in poetry
To insist and stress
On the best lines
And bring out the vivid meaning
That will help the reader
Understand the poem
And hail the poet with praises

Actually if love was like a poem
Then i would not forget aliteration
I would repeat the last sound
Of each word i tell her
So that it gives a soothing rocking sound
That will create a nice rhythm
Coupled up with the rhyme of the words
That would make us dance to rythm together

If it was like a poem
Then i would recite every word i tell you
Instead of them just coming out plainly
The words would be coming out
In a different way
That would actually create a flow
Which both of us would follow
As long us are in love

#Sebby the poet


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