Arsenal,the club
With probably more fans
Who believe and trust
That you will ever emerge as a victor
In every much that you play
And make them brag
Wherever they move to
With all confidence on their shoulders
For the victory you bring to them

Just like a pregnant woman
Once again you are in your labour pains
For the task you are having ahead
Is just as difficult as giving birth
And for we the die-hard funs
We are really waiting for the new born baby
Whether it be a boy or a girl
We dont care
So please ensure
That you sustain the pregnancy
Upto the end of the gestation period
That is ninety minute of the game
And please dont bring us shame
For yoi are known by your fame

Arsenal the club
It is just few minutes remaining
For us to watch the biggest game
That we believe that to us will come fame
I know the fans are quite read for the game
And i dont care where they will watch from
I know some will watch from video kiosks
Others will do it in common rooms
Some will watch it from pubs and big hotels
Those are the able once
And only the high class fellos
Will watch it from their houses
All will be waiting for your win
So please dont let us down

It has been said
From all corners
That since 2005
You have never beat manchester united
At their home ground
Please gather the courage
And believe in yourself
Because you are an arsenal
A very strong weapon to be true
Arsenal go
And bring victory
To us the die-hard fans

#sebby the poet


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