Wep not son
Cry not under the sun
For you are not the first
And the last
To experience this
Many people have faced it in the past
And many will still pass through it in future
Some things are inevitable
To escape you may not be able
So please wipe your tears son
And move on always under the son

Pick up yourself
Put on the patience of a cobra
Wear the courage of a lion
And always be hopeful
That if it is not today
Then tomorrow will be your day
It is so shameful nowadays
To see a man craying the whole day
Because of the bad experiences of the day
Infact it is a taboo
For a man to cry in public
Your mothers breasts will cut off
They say
So youngman
Man up,dry the tear,collect yourself
And move on like a soldier

May be it is true
That it is the worst what you are going through
But have you ever thought
What the other person may be facing
Maybe it is terrible and teasing
So please take it easy
And make yourself busy
With something cosy
And stop looking dizzy
The whole day making everything messy
You are a man
A man enough to man everything
Style up son
Pick up yourself
And carry on

Men dont cry
In all difficulties they try
To collect themselves with their eyes dry
I know it is painful
To lose a person who has been helpful
But son be hopeful and prayerful
And to God be grateful
So that blessings you get them ful
To enable you have a future that is cool
I am so sory son
That the helper went so soon
But I know that very soon
You will adapt to this unfair life
Though am getting more old
But the naggets am giving are as precious as gold
So to them always hold
And remember to be bold
In whatever yo do son
I wish you the best in life
Pick yourself up and carry on son

#sebby the poet



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