Dear satan
Why cant you just swallow the shame
And apologise to God
So that we all live a happy life
In the garden of Eden
When our hearts stop beating
And our nostrils lose the sense of livelihood

Dear God
Stop these people called stupid from reproducing
Because what is happening nowadays
Is totally contrary from the law of Moses
All because of the overwhelming rate
At whi the people called”stupid are reproducing
To my surprise
We the few interlects are getting outnumbered

Dear “prostitutes”
Head to my precious plea
That you stop what you call “commercial sex work
For those people you have served
Since you joined the network
Are now grateful and thankful
For your generosity
And they nolonger need the services anymore
Because they have already derived satisfaction from you…!!!

Dear youths
I appreciate the fact that
Civilisation is taking its tol
But why cant you for once see the sense
And stop wearing dark glasses while in church
And if you ignore
Then you should not blame God
When you end up being welders

#21st century poems


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