So swet in deed
You miss it is like you are dead
You test it you feel well fed
But despite the sweetness
It is a venon
A strong toxin
A dangerous poison indeed

Everyone knows
How dangerous toxins are
Of course we no
That a toxin is just toxin
No matter the quantity

This is likewise a toxin
That can kill with immediate effect
You dont need to go to the shop
Explain why you want the toxin
And give reasons for buying the venon
Because this is a sweet one

The two words my contradict
Infact they are juxtaposing
A venon that is sweet
Of course it is contradicting
But worry not
You will unravel the whole mystery

Love is something sweet
Sweeter than sugar itself
But at times it is a strong venon
Strong enough to kill the whole world wen fed on
At its begining it is sugary
Its toxic part comes in wen it ends indefinately….

#21st century poetru


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