If love would smell
How would the smell be
Would it be as sweet as that of ripe banana
Or as scaring as the smell of a dead frog
Of course the smell would be so strong
To surprise whoever would come along
I guess it would not be just ordinary
It would be difficulty to put in a category
Actually if love would smell
How would it smell??

If love would smell
It would smell like a rose i guess
Because it is a sweet thing
And so its smell would also be
Maybe like a strong colon
That would pull everyone towards it
Especially those who call themselves single
I am sure they would get attracted to the smell

But I will still ask
Once and again
That truly if love would smell
Would the smell be good or nasty
Maybe it would be a strong odour
That would make people spit
And leave with their noses closed
Making them to change the direction
To evade the bed smell and stay in odour free zone

This question has two edges
Just like a deadly sward
Because people perceive smells differently
What one finds sweet
Would be the worst to another person
And so would love be if it would smell
It would be sweet to those who believe it
And would be the worst to those who dont believe in it
If love would smell
How would it smell…..???

21st century poetry


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