It is now a year
After she decided to make it clear
And left me claiming that iit was unfair
For it was unexpected to b done by a dear
But all i had to bear
And move on though in fear
Why could she do it to me

Nine months now
After the last summer that was wow
That left me feeling loved
And gave me feel
A long forgoten feeling
That cought me tight and tighter

But that was during summer
I remember how she came
Calling me honey and to me came fame
That would really drive away shame
For the best feeling of love
So i bought her a dinner dress
And booked her air ticket
To take her to mumbai
And celebrate summer holidays together
To show each other the perfect love
Glued and weaved by magics that came along with summer
For real
It was summer love

How would I know
It was even an offend to myself
To think of such a nasty thing
But it is what really happened
She made it clear
And left without a reason
Now that the summer was over
“Mission achieved”

Here i sit alone
In this lone of loneliness
Counting how much loan i borrowed
To take care of her summer holiday
The slowly as if i am dreaming
I see her come again
With hands wide open for a hug
And lips full of apology lies
She wants us to fall in love a second time
She says she missed me while she was away
But i have already known
She has done some arithmatics
It is one month to summer again
So she wans to initiate summer love again……….!!!!!!!

#21st century poetry


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