An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
They say
And so shall be
World without end
Never shall we sit back and watch
What happened continue to happen
No No No
It is an new era

I think an eye for an eye
Will serve them better
They the dictators
Of the olden days
So that they also pay
For the pain we faced
When they were in capacity

I think it is the right time
We extend a hand
To the cruel old generation
Tighten our nails tight on them
Tie a chain in their neck
And tie the other end on a heavy load
And make them pull it
Just to feel the same way we felt
It will be fair
An eye for an eye

But that is not enough yet
We must induce them
To serious sophisticated suffering
Maybe remove all their nails on the hands
And keep them in a dark forest
Separate them from the sunlight of course
They thought it was sweet to us
Let them feel the sweetness too
By being subjected to the torture
That we experienced under ‘ them’
It will be fair i think
And ww shall feel great
An eye for an eye

21st century poetry


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