1.Take the girl for breakfast or for some drinks in a cosy open place
2.Sit opposite sides so that you face one another
3.As you take th drinks tell her a very interesting story for instance the nice movie you watched.Look directly into her eyes as you vary your tone.she will stretch her neck towards you.
4.stretch out your hand and hold her hand.As you continue to talk smoothly and slowly press her hands.She will start moving and bending closer to u.Move closer and let her feel your breath
5.When you are done with your drinks give her the money to pay at the counter.She will give you her phone number.communication starts…..



Listen to my cry mama
Head to my plea
Take your precious time
And listen to my humble request mama
A genuine cry from the heart
Expressing how much it hurts
To miss an essential need
Which i am entitled to
Listen mama
And save me from pain
So that i may gain

Show love to me mama
Express care to your only girl child
Treasure me for once
Hail me high and make me feel okey
Look at my cute face
Wasting and rusting rapidly
My once soft and tender palms
Continously cracking and aging
Toiling from morning to evening
Working for a meagre pay
Burning and scothing everyday
Under the hot sun rays
Please mama find a way
And save me from this jail

Swallow the pride mama
Put on a human heart
And deliver me from this mess
Let me not hurt
In this tea plantations
That is burrying my dreams far deep
This task is too hard and difficult
For my young age

It is so painful dear mama
My heart bleeds terribly
When i see fellow girl children
Growing in women of substance
While am wasting in this hell
Of child labour
Redeem me dear mama
Give me a pen and a book
Take me to school
let me realise my dream
And become a woman of substance

@sebby the poet

Today 14th July 2015 Was a grate day in the school calender of St Marys High school mumias.The long awaited day as the school was waiting for a CDF cheque which was to be given by the local mp Mumias west.

As usual everyone was up and down for preparation to welcome the mp.The school choir and traditional dancers had really prepared to colour the day.

As we all know a cheque is something essential and honoured.The administration played its part by preparing the high table

Learning activities stoped at 9:00am.Students assembled in the tends to wait for the mp.12am and he had not yet arrived.Then a call was received from the CDF office to confirm that there was a confusion in the CDF office.The cheque was to be taken to muslim girls mumias and not st marys.Everyone was perplexed.There was no otherwise but swalowing the pride and resuming learning activities..What a mess!!!

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