Take a minute break
Gasp a silent breath
Close your eyes and pray
A silent prayer
To express love and care
For the departed soul
Death is so unfair
And of course it doesn’t care
In tears our hearts tear
Our eyes left to stare
At our beloved dear
We have no option but to bear
The pain which we cant dare
Moment of silence

Like a follen soldier you leave
Your relatives with grief
Hearts heavy with heave
Wishing to seen you alive
Even for a minute or five
But all is in vain
For you have to leave
Though too soon
Moment of silence

It is with profound sorrow
Paining like an arrow
Burnin like an open sore
To learn of your sudden escape
Death is inevitable
We all agree
But makes us uncomfortable
Our hearts never free
Paunfully we agree the defeat
To a better place may your soul flee
Moment of silence!

Dear mama
with difficulty you raised me
Relentlessly you mentored me
Here you have left me
Hopeless and helpless
My heart craves for your motherly love
My eyes miss to see you alive
I have lost direction in life
Forever I will miss your love
Moment of silence !
It is hard to withstand
But unable to evade
Seeing you escape in deep sand
My heart sobs in pain
Dear mama
Receive my last gift
A rose flower
To express love which is lost
Now and foreve
Moment of silence !

@sebby_the poet


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