I hate this feeling
Hate it with passion
As it brings confusion
Alongside frustration
I need to make a conclusion
Out of this humiliation
So i make a confession
And say No
NO to love again
Tears of heartbreak

My heeart bleeds terribly
My minds wonders uncontrollably
I am totally troubled
Looking so confused
Feeling so ashamed
And extremely embarrased
Shedding genuine tears
Tears of heartbreak

Your whispers every morning
Always rose my feelings
Whenever you started speaking
Your nothing which meant something
Bringing laughter and smile
Stimulating the inner feeling
You were loving and caring
That i never thought of imagining
Of shedding tears
Tears of heartbreak

My heart is paining
My eyes ever crying
I am still complaining
And wont stop saying
That it was unfair
To heartbreak a dear
I really cant dare
Though i have to bear
The pain of heartbreak
So let shed the tears
Tears of heartbreak

To you it may be appealing
Not because you arent feeling
But because you arent caring
How much it is paining
I hate this feeling
Which results to crying
Making me to shed tears
Tears of heartbreak

@sebby_the poet



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