This is a family affair
Please get me clear
Dont put it on air
For everyone to share
For it is unfair
I beg you my dear

My wife
There are many issues in life
As long as you are still alive
Some are as sharp as a knife
While others are worth to laugh
Don’t wait until things get tough
Lets solve am willing enough

Family affairs are critical
We can’t solve them on a call
Wait until I come home
We sit in our grass-thatched house
And solve them once

Mother of my children
I beg you once again
That in our family affairs
Please don’t involve Nyakisumo
Be patient enough
Until I come home
We solve it once and for all

Daughter of Ramogi
I beg you once more
Don’t tell our affairs to neighbours
They are as dangerous as scavengers
Keep our affairs as a secret
Try and make them sacred
And only tell them to me



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