No,not today
I have decide
Not to write any poem about love
Let me try and look different
By writing something different
That catch different people differently
And get different touch of my poetry
The 21st century poetry

I know love is paramount
It can even move a mount
Love actually runs the world
And removes cold
From the cold ridden people
But I decide not
To write about it today
So that I look different
And catch those people
Who have “divorces” from it
And are feeling nothing like love

Today I won’t write about love
I also won’t write about those I was with in love
I know how sweet it feels to love
But because I am deviating from it
Please not today
I won’t write about love dear friends

Let me write about other global issues
Maybe hunger or famine
Global warming or climate change
Aridity or water shortage
Ebola or food deficiency
Insecurity or religious bigotry
Hope readers will still enjoy
So that I evade from usual story
No,of course not today


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