Peter has showered in River Jordan
That is why he is talking rudely to Ken
We have tried to control him but in vain
We have even used a cane
But he feels nothing like pain
He must have showered in River Jordan
With a lot of bottles of Kenya cane

If Peter has not showered
Why is he feeling tired
Why is still outside
Why is he not bothered
With is habit that is awkward
Why is he talking with pride
To someone who gives him a ride
He must have showered

I believe Peter has been showering
That is why he is shivering
Look at how he is walking
The walking style has changed to staggering
Look now he is vomiting
A sign of excessive showering
In river Jordan without eating

After showering Peter looks childish
He is now speaking English
Saying nothing but only rubbish
To him showering is a duty
And I really feel pity
For a friend who is naughty
And prefer drinking Kenya cane
What I call showering in river Jordan

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