When the sun shine
And I remember you are mine
I take the goats to the plain
To enjoy the bright sunshine
Then with a thick marker pen
I write on a paper that is plain
That loving you is fine
Then I draw a love sign

Dear Winnie
Your love catches me like a net
And your beauty is quite great
That shines my day bright
With you I need no light
Because you double my sight
Hold my thoughts tight
And heal my heart

Daughter to my in-law
Loving you truly is what I know
And far from you I won’t go
Your patience can make a stone to flow
Your love can make blood to clot
And your beauty can stop the wind to blow
Let’s always take it slow
I believe far we will go

Meeting you was like a dream
So sweet just like cream
To me you are indeed a beam
Of light that will never go dim
You took away my shame
And to me you brought fame
If loving you is a dream
Then allow me to swim
Quietly in this oasis of dream

I am thinking of a word
To tell a large crowd
That will circulate the whole world
And make me feel proud
When I move around
This is the word
I now say it loud
That with you am always proud

@Sebby_The Poet



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