Let’s face west
Where the sun sets
And feel the evening light
Which shines bright
And discriminates not
For all are entitled to it
Whether tall or short
With a coat or a shirt

Lets face west
Where everything looks best
And a lot has worked out
Then present our quest
For justice in our court
And be ready to fight
For the peace that we need most
Am sure we will get
All we need at no cost

My fellow elites
Lets face west
Every time we rest
And present our request
Of the Kenya we want
Where we will have equality
And justice rule the land
For we are all patriots

I am facing west
Holding a long list
Of the things I want Kenya to get
Before it is late
Indeed am facing west
As I instil this great sense
To my audacious audience
Hoping it will have an influence
Enable us to shun violence
And always seek guidance
Before resolving to protests
Let us face west

@Sebby_The PoetScreenshot_2016-06-03-14-34-27


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