With my naked eyes
I saw the beauty of town
Carefully going down
As she crossed the by-pass
Very beautiful and brown
I watched her pass
Sweat trickled my chest
I had seen the best

She held my thoughts tight
Making the poet weak
I couldn’t believe my sight
And letting go would make me sick
A moment of stillness passed
And on highway I stood still
Never cared of vehicles that passed

Quickly I followed her
Gasping for a breathe
Putting on a plastic smile
Hello! I said with care
Hello! She stretched her hand
I too stretched mine
Her palm seemed rough!
Astonished in disbelief
And back to my senses
Oh! It was a pillow I held
I then woke up
What a sweet dream!!

@Sebby_The Poet




Puup! Puup!
A strange sound heard
What! Everyone frightened
Noise from every corner
Everyone running for life
Again it happens
Who do we blame?

Tongues of flames
Humiliating the roof
With children in
Lost in slumber land
A bright light is cast
Chasing away darkness
Fire! Fire children shout
Another school burnt

Just like a joke
It begun last month
A school set on fire
And it was taken lightly
Pressure has now mounded
Over a hundred schools torched
Yet still the same story
Cause of fire not known
Who do we blame

Is it the teachers
Or students themselves
Some blame the ministry
Others blame the society
It has become a mystery
Let’s stand out strong
And find the solution once
But my question remains
Who do we blame

@Sebby_The Poet



Early in the morning
On my poorly nailed bed sleeping
I peep through my gaped door
Looking at the path
Leading to the river
I see her coming
Looking sad like yesterday
Feeling tired than the other day

With a child on her back
A luggage in her hands
And a jembe on her shoulders
Determined to look for survival
Even where it exists not
But what can she do?
Fate had it that way

On reaching the sacred spot
She downs her luggage
Kneel with great respect
And say a morning prayer
She still keeps the faith
That one day fate will knock

Overwhelmed by the luggage
Confused by thousand thoughts
She remembers her husband
Who left her ten years ago
She spits on the ground
And curses the gunmen
Who took her husband’s life
Leaving her single and sad




At the same spot
Where we both sat always
Holding hands happily
Feeling each other’s heart beat
Until we joined and became one
Breathing each other’s breathe
Today I sat alone
Feeling real emptiness
Who will fill this empty vessel?

Today as always
I went to the shore alone
Hoping to find you there
Though it wasn’t the case
On the same spot I sat
Feeling nothing like togetherness
The breeze that beat us swiftly
Today turned into cold
That I couldn’t bear alone

Tides went high and low
With waves reaching the shore
The birds’ songs we enjoyed
Was unbearable noise today
The cold sand we bathed
Was hotter than an oven
The mist that always brought life
Turned into shadows of death

The shore we enjoyed
Was nothing but a den of death
Everything lost meaning
Life lost its taste
Forcing me to make a haste
To leave the show before late
But where could I get the strength
You took it away
When the love weathered
And dried up like a rose flower
Planted on a rocky landscape

@Sebby_The Poet™

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The mirror is important
Too essential to be ignored
It gives a reflection
Of our deeds and actions
Nobody passes a mirror
Without checking him or herself
It is a reflector of oneself
And so is life

Life is a mirror
So delicate and fragile
You make a single error
It haunts you forever
With care we handle life
Just like we do to a mirror
Taking care not to break it
An equivalent of losing life

Life is a mirror
It never alters the image of object
If you reflect green
Expect green to be seen
And so it applies to life
Which reflect our true being
If you want life to be soft
You should lenient first

Life is a mirror
A true reflection of our actions
Life always give back
An equivalent of what you give out
If you want happiness in life
Plenty of it you must give out
So don’t say life is unfair
Instead try and be fair
Because you can’t expect much
When you are giving out nothing

@Sebby_The Poet



Too bad am already born
If I were not yet born
I would make a wish
To be born as tears
Deep inside your eyes

I would always soak your eye
Nourish it every year
Keep it safe always
Until you realize my importance
And keep me forever

If I were tears
Deep inside your eyes
I would remove your fear
So that you never cry
And drop me that easily

I wish I would be the tears
In your right eye
For you to let me go
You would be forced to cry
And feel the pain
Of letting go the one you love
I know you would keep me
For you will fear the pain

I wish time reverses
And I be born as tears
So that I grow in your eyes
Get aged on your cheeks
And die on your lips

@Sebby_The Poet™



I am a word smith
Able to talk in length
Saying words that sooth
I always keep the faith
Genders both I respect
And I really fear death
Because it erases the evidence of birth

I am a word Smith
Who doesn’t believe in myths
I only say the truth
And only deal with facts
I always take care
And always try to be fair
Because I mind those who are near

As a word smith
Am always cautious
Only saying what is precious
Leaving out the obvious
So that I sound melodious

I know words can heal
Words can also kill
Words can liberate
Still they can oppress
So as a word smith
I only say what is worth
Because words are sweet
And words are also toxic

@Sebby_The Poet™



If you cant cry loud
Join those crying
Your voices will be loud
Definitely you will be heard
Since I can’t cry out
I withdraw my pride
So that I stand out
And speak for the disadvantaged

I speak for them
Those who are oppressed
And thrown in the den of shame
That their voices be loud.
And touch the oppressor’s heart
So that he see the need
To end the oppression
And the oppressed be freed

I speak for them
The street children
Who miss education
Because nobody is there for them
I hope I will soon be heard
So that the “good ones” may take them
And give them what they missed

I am not that strong
But I can’t give up on this
I still speak for them
Those who suffer civil strife
I hope their nations will strive
To restore peace and save life

Like a warrior I stand out
Very disturbed and ready to shout
Speaking for those left out
Those called the “marginalized ”
I know am loud enough
To be heard even by the deaf
I hope I have been heard
And today ends violations
In all the nations

@Sebby_The Poet™



The heart is just
When it gets the best
It forgets the rest
To those who need them most
The heart knows no lust
And never lives in the past

The heart has no bone
But can be broken
The heart is hidden
But can be stolen
The heart is not seen
But can be touched
The heart can soften
It can also harden

If you touch my heart
Please don’t leave it abrupt
Am sure it will be hurt
And heart ache is the worst
So hold it gently
And let me feel the touch
Until I say ouch!!

If I lay my heart bare
And you get a chance to steal it
Hide it in your heart
Where nobody can reach
But if you live it there
Another person will pick it
And so you will have to share
Something I know you can’t bear

If my heart glow bright
And beat so loud
So that it ignite your heart
Please don’t take it light
Instead come and sit by my side
Because the hearts want to talk
And tell the secrets they hold

If my heart will be generous
So that it give itself to you
Treasure it more
And don’t play it like a ball
In an open pitch
For another person will hold it like a goalkeeper
And you will be the loser

@Sebby_The Poet



Here I am
Fixed behind the bars
With my eyes separated
From the beauty of the world
My hair interlocked to form dreads
Legs infested with jiggers
I can’t forget my people of Majengo
As I lie on this bed of lies
I take a vow never to say a lie
For the lies on this bed are making me restless

To my beautiful wife
I have seen your tears
They make my heart to tear
Adding pain to the chained hands
Tied for ten years now

I long for your tender lips
I can remember how soft they were
The last time we kissed
When I was saying goodbye
I miss your palms
With which you could hold me
And make me feel like a king
Though things are getting tough
It is my assumption
That no one has taken opportunity
To drink from my ‘sacred borehole’

To my mother-Oronda bwibo
I know how it feels
To lose a son to captive
Dry the painful tear
Swallow the bitter saliva
For my term will soon last
And your son will be free at last

To Ajwang’ Nyar Alego
Who ferments best bear in Majengo
Stop crying
For I have seen light in darkness
Though not much bright
But I believe things are getting better
Stop putting curses on me
It is true I left with your debt
Of the last ten “patilas” I took
Before was taken to exile
Put a smile on your face
And please do me a favour….. .
Give half a litre to Ogweli
Add Nyakano two patilas
All the bills on me
For I am soon coming
To pay the bills and the ten years debt

TO my daughter Lavine
Please cheer up
Put on a smiling face
Open your arms wide
And wait for a father’s hug
For I am soon coming
To enjoy the freedom of Majengo

@Sebby_The Poet