Love is an entity
To be exercised by humanity
But when the two lack unity
It becomes an insanity

Love is a contract
To be kept by two people in contact
So as to realize it’s product
But when they lose the track
It becomes difficult
With end result being vanity

Love is an affection
That require great protection
And true submission
To fulfil the mission
But if it is ruled by accusation
It becomes an illusion
A vanity of vanities

Love is an agreement
Explained in old testament
It requires encouragement
And the two must always be present
But if it lacks reinforcement
It becomes vanity

Love is sweet
When you understand its secret
So always be smart
To make your relationship perfect
Because love really hurt
When lovers separate
They live to regret
When their love becomes vanity

All rights reserved
@Sebby_The Poet™


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