Seasons came and went
Leaving us with great changes
And development in our senses
Then we cried for equal chances
To an African child
But we still face challenges
An African boy is neglected
Let’s save the boy generation
As we experience this digital migration

Girl child empowerment
Is the cry of every parent
With bills in government
Being passed every moment
To protect a girl from harassment
And Is now the talk of town
As the boy child is pulled down
And we call it gender equality
A great irony of life

This is the 21st century
Everyone is for gender equity
While on the contrary
Girl child benefit greatly
While the boy has to hustle through
For any good to come his way
Let’s go back to our senses
Give a boy child chances
And save him from the dangers
That are looming in future

Mama am your son
Tied by the chains of child labour
Toiling hard under the sun
While my sisters are in school
Getting the knowledge of the whites
Hear my cry
Redeem me from the den of shame
Hold my hand dear parents
Give me the chances I deserve
Help me realize my thousand dreams
Save me I plead

@Sebby_The Poet


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