Here I am
Fixed behind the bars
With my eyes separated
From the beauty of the world
My hair interlocked to form dreads
Legs infested with jiggers
I can’t forget my people of Majengo
As I lie on this bed of lies
I take a vow never to say a lie
For the lies on this bed are making me restless

To my beautiful wife
I have seen your tears
They make my heart to tear
Adding pain to the chained hands
Tied for ten years now

I long for your tender lips
I can remember how soft they were
The last time we kissed
When I was saying goodbye
I miss your palms
With which you could hold me
And make me feel like a king
Though things are getting tough
It is my assumption
That no one has taken opportunity
To drink from my ‘sacred borehole’

To my mother-Oronda bwibo
I know how it feels
To lose a son to captive
Dry the painful tear
Swallow the bitter saliva
For my term will soon last
And your son will be free at last

To Ajwang’ Nyar Alego
Who ferments best bear in Majengo
Stop crying
For I have seen light in darkness
Though not much bright
But I believe things are getting better
Stop putting curses on me
It is true I left with your debt
Of the last ten “patilas” I took
Before was taken to exile
Put a smile on your face
And please do me a favour….. .
Give half a litre to Ogweli
Add Nyakano two patilas
All the bills on me
For I am soon coming
To pay the bills and the ten years debt

TO my daughter Lavine
Please cheer up
Put on a smiling face
Open your arms wide
And wait for a father’s hug
For I am soon coming
To enjoy the freedom of Majengo

@Sebby_The Poet



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