The heart is just
When it gets the best
It forgets the rest
To those who need them most
The heart knows no lust
And never lives in the past

The heart has no bone
But can be broken
The heart is hidden
But can be stolen
The heart is not seen
But can be touched
The heart can soften
It can also harden

If you touch my heart
Please don’t leave it abrupt
Am sure it will be hurt
And heart ache is the worst
So hold it gently
And let me feel the touch
Until I say ouch!!

If I lay my heart bare
And you get a chance to steal it
Hide it in your heart
Where nobody can reach
But if you live it there
Another person will pick it
And so you will have to share
Something I know you can’t bear

If my heart glow bright
And beat so loud
So that it ignite your heart
Please don’t take it light
Instead come and sit by my side
Because the hearts want to talk
And tell the secrets they hold

If my heart will be generous
So that it give itself to you
Treasure it more
And don’t play it like a ball
In an open pitch
For another person will hold it like a goalkeeper
And you will be the loser

@Sebby_The Poet


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