If you cant cry loud
Join those crying
Your voices will be loud
Definitely you will be heard
Since I can’t cry out
I withdraw my pride
So that I stand out
And speak for the disadvantaged

I speak for them
Those who are oppressed
And thrown in the den of shame
That their voices be loud.
And touch the oppressor’s heart
So that he see the need
To end the oppression
And the oppressed be freed

I speak for them
The street children
Who miss education
Because nobody is there for them
I hope I will soon be heard
So that the “good ones” may take them
And give them what they missed

I am not that strong
But I can’t give up on this
I still speak for them
Those who suffer civil strife
I hope their nations will strive
To restore peace and save life

Like a warrior I stand out
Very disturbed and ready to shout
Speaking for those left out
Those called the “marginalized ”
I know am loud enough
To be heard even by the deaf
I hope I have been heard
And today ends violations
In all the nations

@Sebby_The Poet™


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