The mirror is important
Too essential to be ignored
It gives a reflection
Of our deeds and actions
Nobody passes a mirror
Without checking him or herself
It is a reflector of oneself
And so is life

Life is a mirror
So delicate and fragile
You make a single error
It haunts you forever
With care we handle life
Just like we do to a mirror
Taking care not to break it
An equivalent of losing life

Life is a mirror
It never alters the image of object
If you reflect green
Expect green to be seen
And so it applies to life
Which reflect our true being
If you want life to be soft
You should lenient first

Life is a mirror
A true reflection of our actions
Life always give back
An equivalent of what you give out
If you want happiness in life
Plenty of it you must give out
So don’t say life is unfair
Instead try and be fair
Because you can’t expect much
When you are giving out nothing

@Sebby_The Poet


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