At the same spot
Where we both sat always
Holding hands happily
Feeling each other’s heart beat
Until we joined and became one
Breathing each other’s breathe
Today I sat alone
Feeling real emptiness
Who will fill this empty vessel?

Today as always
I went to the shore alone
Hoping to find you there
Though it wasn’t the case
On the same spot I sat
Feeling nothing like togetherness
The breeze that beat us swiftly
Today turned into cold
That I couldn’t bear alone

Tides went high and low
With waves reaching the shore
The birds’ songs we enjoyed
Was unbearable noise today
The cold sand we bathed
Was hotter than an oven
The mist that always brought life
Turned into shadows of death

The shore we enjoyed
Was nothing but a den of death
Everything lost meaning
Life lost its taste
Forcing me to make a haste
To leave the show before late
But where could I get the strength
You took it away
When the love weathered
And dried up like a rose flower
Planted on a rocky landscape

@Sebby_The Poet™

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