I am a modern poet
Obsessed with my poetry
Poems that I write
Proves to be a mystery
Today I decide
Something new to try
A paper I need not
But a ground that is dry

On the dry ground
I go down to my knees
With a large crowd
Waiting for this piece
With my finger I write
For them to see with ease
Remorseful I sound
And my sins I confess

Very determined to write
Though my eyes are crying
An internal enemy I fight
With tears erasing the writing
The crowd has begun to doubt
If there will remain anything
Because tears have erased
The whole piece I was writing

Very happy I stand
Still facing the ground
To my audience I turn
Pleased to see them around
Then my apology I present
Sorry, it wasn’t a poem
I was writing down my sins
As my tears cleansed them
From the ground I rise clean
The good Lord has washed my sins

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


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