Go to any nation
It is the talk of town
With the whole population
Very busy up and down
Trying to put it in action
By embracing innovation

Its advent changed our notion
To a larger extend
It has reduced frustration
On it we greatly depend
Especially in production

Technology and innovation
Has changed our thinking
What we thought was imagination
Has proved real through innovation
Talk of the died of education
Never forgetting communication
We have experienced inventions
Brought by new technology

The world is a global village
We are all aware of that
Due to technological advantage
We can get in touch
Let’s appreciate the privilege
And always be proud of it

Technology education
Now introduced in education system
An advantage to our generations
As it enlightens them
So we expect much inventions
Due to changes in the system
All attributed to innovation
Coupled up with technology

(Topic suggested by Michael Luchiry, a technology graduate from University of Eldoret, Kenya)

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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