I don’t have a pen
Neither do I have a paper
But I hear voices from far
Urging me to write a poem
That will present views of the oppressed
Allow me to write this poem
With no paper, no pen

Papers are “perishable”
And my pen is faulty
They can’t serve me well
But I must write
For I am a dedicated poet
The voice of the oppressed
Let me present their views
With no paper, no pen

With me is a long list
Of the things I have to write
All touching on human rights
Which are being taken lightly
This piece carry a lot of weight
That can’t be put on a paper
Just with an ordinary pen
Today I need no paper, no pen

I have writen many papers
Condemning the oppression
None was actually taken
We are still in the same condition
I won’t waste my time again
Using a paper and a pen
For I am sure nothing I will gain
So let me spare them today

I will use my index finger
To write on the heart of the oppressor
In his thoughts my words will linger
Am sure he will reduce the pressure
When am done I will wash my finger
So that I don’t contaminate it
With the spirit of oppression
I will have done my duty
With no paper, No pen

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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