So saddened I leave home
To an unknown place I go
So that I can be alone
Your face I don’t want to see
So let me go
I better stay me and myself

I am going to a strange place
Hoping to find there solace
For you have made me look useless
Maybe am not of your class
So let me go somewhere else
And get myself out of this mess

Should I sit and watch
And wait to see it happen again
I don’t think I will bear such
Because it will increase my pain
Since you got yourself a “new catch”
Let me go, I have nothing to gain

My heart is not metallic
It feels pain when heart
So even if you do magic
I can’t lower myself to that
Let me find solace
In me and myself planet

If love really has a price tag
Maybe heartbreak ease my tag
I never expected it from you
So please don’t nag
Far from you I go
Let me be myself

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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