I give myself a task
To revisit my past
So that I ask myself
If I am better or worse
Though they say past is lost
I believe its influence may last
So I am on a journey
To revisit my past

When I reach the mashy swamp
I will remember my childhood friend
Whom we looked after cattle together
In all conditions of weather
Opiyo the son of Rabuor
I will mourn you again
Then I will curse death
For it separated you from me

With red swollen eyes
I will look at the blue skies
And pray that you be safe up there
We will meet when time is due
I will then go to the river
And swim as we used to do
In my thoughts you will forever linger
Stopping it I can’t do

When I reach the mango tree
The one we “infested” when hungry
I will take a minute or three
Thinking about the owner
Who was ever angry
Then I will visit aunt Agness
Just as I did while young

If I will meet my Ex
Whom I regard as my past
I will put a smile on my face
Not because I value her presence
But because I finds peace in her absence
Of course am better without her
I know she will be guilty
For tearing my heart into pieces
But I am happy I collected them
And made myself a peaceful piece

I know this journey will be hectic
Looking into my past that was pathetic
With every occurance being terrific
Always living in panic
So when I reach the sacred hill
I will go down to my knees
And thank God for the grace is His
My present is far better than my past
Then I will go and rest
After a long journey into my past

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved



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