What next..
For this generation
When the government makes it clear
And make a law without fear
To allow cousin-cousin marriage
Aren’t they from the same lineage
Aren’t they tied by a bond
A bond of blood that can haunt
That is a real joke

What next…
Remains my question
Should I date Kate
My first cousin
Just because the law dictates
No, the poetic spirit in me condemn it
It is indeed an illusion
I can’t welcome such a confusion
For I value my tradition
And can’t betray my emotions

I know am not the only one
Speaking against this “vice”
Many are of my opinion
But since I am a dedicated poet
The emblem of tradition
Let me be on the forefront
To preserve the African culture

What next…
Should I join the traditionally blind
And forget the bond that bind
So that I allow Tony my son
To marry Liz his cousin
No, that is moral decay
For blood is thicker than water
And it can haunt
I choose to remain loyal
To my tradition since it counts

I may not be loud enough
To be heard by the law makers
But through this piece of art
So many hearts I will touch
If you are asking what next…
I have an answer to that
Don’t be blinded by such
But be true to yourself
And live a life not a lie
Or else the lie will ruin your life

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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