I am training my eyes
To look up on the cross
Every time the sun rises
And avoid other side looks
So that I pin my minds to it
Because on this wooden log
Died the prince of peace
Dying for millions of “sins”
Though he was clean and sinless

On this piece of wood
Nailed to make a cross
He cried Eloi Eloi
Crying for mankind’s burden
To the world the cry brought joy
The lamb took away our sins
On the cross my eyes are fixed
On it there are a lot of gains

In his wounds I seek refuge
To hide from the malignant enemy
For it is the only safe place
In which my heart finds solace
I believe in the power of the cross
With it I need nothing else
So let me train my eyes
To look on the cross always

In the blood that oozed from his side
I soak myself deep inside
So that I be sanctified
And my soul be purified
Water from his side is all I need
For my spiritual thirst to be quenched
With my eyes on the cross
My soul is always at rest

Like the crucified thief
I turn my initially stiff neck
Overwhelmed by my thousand sins
I look to this Holy cross
Ready to repent my sins
And prepare my way
So that on the last day
I be remembered by the Prince of Piece

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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