Another evening like yesterday
The sun is seen far in the west
Giving out sparkling brown rays
Adding flavour to the test of life
Producing tender and nice warmth
That warm our hearts deep in their cages
Like a splint our hearts glow
And eventually ignite into fire
Magical fire lit in the heart

The fire keeps burning
But doesn’t harm the “victims”
Its flame is a sign of hope
Its light illuminate our path
Giving our future a bright glow
As if our hearts have stopped
We both stand facing one another
What I see are her deep dimples
On soft cheeks than never had pimples
Wow!…she is meant for me

Tired of busking on evening sun
We go down the shore
Carefully penetrating the tendrils
Coiling through rugged landscape
Viewing the beauty of nature
In my mind her beauty stick like glue
And my tenderness holds her like a net
Then she grips the collar of my shirt
Holding me tight to her chest
And make a lifetime confession
That I am meant for her

The rising of tides
Gives a magical sensation
That lifts both of us up
Though maintaining our positions
The throbbing of the water
As the waves bounch on the shore
Brings an endless laughter
A sign of a bright future
Then we both stand up strong
And join into one ness through a hug
A true proof that we are meant to be

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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