Time fly first
Rushing us into unpredictable tomorrow
In it we can find joy that lasts
Still it can bring endless sorrow
Resulting inti great thirst
That pierces the heart like an arrow
That is when we miss our past
That was left behind like the shadow

I met the beauty of town
Feeling great pain in the heart
Sitting on a stone facing down
Time had stolen her joy
And left her poor after being hurt
Making her head an oasis of memories
Memories of moments long lost

She longed for her once nice face
The face that gave her a nice look
That secured her black beauty
That was before ruining her skin
By applying chemicals
In an attempt to make herself brown
Her current spotted face
Reminds her of the African beauty
Stolen away by the bleachers

Looking at a young man’s portrait
She remembered her long time lover
Who is now lying breathless
Few metres behind her house
She then remembers how sweet it was
When they said ‘I do’ on the alter
Before there came the thief
Who snatched her soul mate
Leaving her a bitter future
Wishing time would reverse

She longed for the peaceful moments
When the swift breeze from the lake
Romantically engulfed the land
Giving nature a special beauty
That touched her heart softly
Appreciating Africa as her land
All those are now history
And history is synonymous to past
The current Africa is bitter
A man-eat-man society

When she thinks of the past
Her scar opens into a fresh wound
A wound on the heart
That bleeds terribly
She longs for the lost love
Since “the next to her heat” passed away
As a result of military coup
And wishes that past would re-occure
So that human hearts regain tenderness
Which lost itself in the mysteries of the past

@Sebby-The Poet™
All rights reserved


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