Seasons have come and gone
Some were nice,others were nasty
All passed and are now history
Treated as past as they are long gone
But the mind clinches on one thing
Separating from it you can’t think
The feeling that perverts your mind
Making you a captive of your own self
The feeling of its own kind
In which you surrender all of yourself

The feeling that you can’t get over
Experiencing it becomes your chore ever
Even when you are feeling low
Thinking of it stimulates you
Making you feel high again
Should I call it submission
Or giving yourself to something for a reason
With no thoughts of separation
Until it becomes part of you

The mind sends you on a mission
To love someone with great affection
That a day can’t end before you mention
How good he is in his actions
In him you find a small prison
Where your own self is held captive
But to you it looks like an earthly paradise
Because in him you find solace

I have never understood the charm
That hold someone so tight
The charm that doesn’t harm
But binds your heart to another person’s heart
And once both parties unite
They create their own artificial planet
Thinking of one another day and night
To one another, they become obsessed

(Topic suggested by Dorsila Sagina, A graduate from Kenyatta University:Faculty of Education, Religion/French)

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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