In the furthest corner of the womb
Where you innocently take refuge
Receive this letter from your expectant mum
And please read it carefully
Keep all you read in your heart
Don’t forget them when you come to the world

Your mum expects much from you
Waiting eagerly to see the fruit of her labour
Even if I will be overwhelmed by labour pains
I will endure it quietly
Because its end will bring me joy
When I will be seeing your smile
As you open your mouth wide

I know you will take the beauty of your mother
Beauty that will bring healing to me
So that you be a princes to your family
A true joy of my womanhood
And please be cautious
Let the beauty not deceive you
So that you despice people in this world
Don’t you ever be cruel
Always be kind and you will prosper

The world is an endless pool
With both sweet and bitter things
The sweet will welcome you warmly
Don’t get drunk of the sweetness
Because in it are hungry hyenas
With open mouths that can devour you
Please define your limits
So that you distant yourself
From too much sweetness
As you avoid the bitter slice

At one point situation may force you to cry
Because you can’t avoid it
Endure the toils of the world
And let the tears wash the pains
Because weeping may endure for a night
But joy cometh in the morning
So face today’s problems boldly
For tomorrow you will live happily

I am wishing you only the best
Praying for you day and night
That your reception to the world be exciting
And your presence be my turning point
So that you grow to be my pride
And bring joy that will fade away my pain
Let my heart find refuge in you

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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