Your words sounds so sweet
For once I will give you my ear
To listen to the oasis of promises
Coming from the fountains of your lips
indenting to lure me into your magics
So that I give you all of me
Maybe your words are true
But how will I be sure
That you aren’t like those
Who promise the sun
When they can’t even give the stars

In this game I ceased to be a player
I decided to be a loyal spactator
Watching the lucky ones play it
My flame of love went off long ago
When someone promised me heaven
And ended me in the hell
I am willing to give in to your words
But I still doubt if I will gain anything
Or I will still be a consistent loser

You say love is sweet
You want me to believe it
I can’t disagree with that
Because there are those who believe it
I would wish to hear your “sweet words”
And sink them into my bone marrow
But I have one problem
If love is sweet
Why does my heart always find the bitter slice
Maybe that is why am deaf to it

I am not being defiant
To accept your humble request
I know this game has its giants
As for me am just a naive guest
The heart is willing we form an alliance
So that I feel the taste of the game
But my conscience is still defiant
I guess there is a danger am trying to evade
They say once beaten twice shy
In me are some shreds of doubt
That will never be scattered

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


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