The upper lip is heavier than the lower
It can’t open to utter a word
Is it tied by unseen forces
So that I be quiet as if am dump
And keep what is to be said
Why can’t it open and screem
And let the world know
That I don’t deserve this

What I am seeing is worth to shout
In fact my eyes can’t withstand
They have even responded
For I can see the tears
Painful tears from pained sockets
But why am I still quiet
Yet my heart is burning badly
Is there poor coordination
Between my eyes and my mouth
Why am I not talking
Yet this toxin is corroding my heart?

I need to say enough is enough
Yet my tongue is held captive
When I need its services most
I can’t doubt my instinct
For it has never deceived me
This is the time for me to talk
And get rid of this venomous venon
That eats my heat rapidly
But how comes I can’t talk
Yet talking is the only medicine
To heal this cronical sickness

Many years in your captive
Under arrest in your chainless jail
As a captive I served you well
Until you felt like a king
In your imaginary kingdom
You being the king, I the submissive maid
Taking all that came from you
Smiling at the good
And never complaind at what was bitter
Today you walk over my heart
Shedding it into tiny pieces
I can’t say anything
I am speechless!

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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