Though this stretch is rough
Its end holds my destiny
As the journey gets more tough
With nobody to keep me company
I am still determined to walk through
Let me endure this agony
For at the end I will laugh

The spirit is still willing to go
But the body is very tired
I am feeling so low
The situation am in is quite hard
Behind me is no light anymore
And the front is a dark ditch

In this dirty tunnel
Where mud is the cushion to my sorrows
I am forced to travel
Piercing through like an arrow
Wadding through the muddy channel
Daring the darkness of this hollow
Where sorrow is my favourite meal
Is there any hope for tomorrow?

As I think of losing hope
In this tunnel of humiliation
I can see a beam of light
Penetrating through this open gap
The light of the morning sun
Giving out smiles of hope
Kissing away my pain
Hugging me with comforting arms
Marking my breakthrough
After a rough tough journey

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This storm-like wind
Blowing from West to East
Swaying tress without rest
Spreading storms of dust
For how long will it blow

The violent wind
That rob our soil its nutrients
Blowing the soil to the yonder
Enriching our foe
When will it stop to blow
And restore the calmness
That we had before

The locusts from the North
Enjoyed a free ride of the wind
And rested on our green land
The result is a bare ugliness
Nothing left to lay on our hands

The sky is always clear
With no traces of rain clouds
The wind is blowing without fear
Bringing to us a great war
Which is to be fought without swords
But by the anger of rattling stomachs
This season we shall eat “the red goat”
For the winds left us poor
With no grain to feed on

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This magical Rose flower
That stands bold every hour
The only solid Rose
Thriving among thorny scrubs
This Rose is the epitome of hope
In which my wandering soul find rest

This thornless Rose
Shiny and odorless
The Rose that ever blossom
Even when humiliated by thorns
The Rose that is deaf to the foe
And only listens to me-the gardener
On its leaves I will lay my heart
And feel its tender touch

The golden rose among thorns
Which draws its water
From the springs of my tenderness
The Rose that thrives in winter
And its fruits ripen in summer
On its petals I lay my heart
For not even the storms
Can sway it away from the gardener

I am ruled by jealous
The thorns are envying my Rose
For its beauty is exceptional
So before they steal it
I am transplanting it to my house
When I wake up every morning
I will kiss the beautiful petals
Feel the warmth of the tender leaves
Then I will feel like a hero
For having that beauty besides me

@Sebby_The Poet™
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Today I strip my heart naked
Before your proud eyes
I want you to feel this scar
That robs my heart its beauty
The scar of memories
That always linger

Stretch your precious finger
And tour my fresh wound
Soak you finger in the blood
Of my bleeding heart
And ask yourself if I deserved
To pay for my loyalty
You may not realize my worth
Am sure you forgot my patience
On which you walked over
Smashing my innocent heart

In your sweet nothings
Whispered in my obedient ears
I always got meaning in them
Even as you promised heaven
I remained optimistic to it
Always believing your word
How come your sweet meant bitter
And your heaven meant hell
Anyway the loyal ones wait
But the unfaithful move on

My mind is at crossroads
Should I or should I not
Should I also move on
And erase you off my mind
My mind is still conflicting
Though making up isn’t in my mind
U decide to wait
And give myself time to decide
For I was the loyal one


Today I will sleep tight
I will close my eyes tight
To separate them from moonlight
Let it be off my sight
For I am seeing a vision tonight
So let me sleep tight

Tonight will be my turning point
To change my social status
For I will be dreaming big
And my fate is in that dream
A dream of revelation
In which I peg my vision
So don’t wake me up
You will abort my dream

Let me sleep quietly
And float on the sea of my dream
Let me feel the waves of my vision
As they move towards the shore
The shore of its fulfilment
Let me feel free
In the atmosphere of my dream
And soar high like a kite
In a turbulence free air
Let me feel the calmness of the night
Until I wake up myself

If my home will be invaded
And the “lazy hunters” steal my bull
Let them go with it
Don’t wake me up in my dream
For this dream is worth seven bulls
Let me wake up myself
When my dream has come true

@Sebby_The Poet™
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Daughter of Ramogi is expectant
She will soon bring an infant
Another member to our land
An heir of my wealth
Evidence of her motherhood
If her legs will swell
Don’t back bite her
Just leave it to me
I will take care of that

Her belly is enlarging
It means the “fruit ” is growing
Fruit of our tireless labour
Ripening day and night
If she will invade your wall
And eat volumes of soil from it
Do not fight her I beg you
Just leave it to me
I will sort it out

The mother to my unborn baby
Is in the mid of her gestation
With great expectations
To see her developing angel
If she will feel nausea
And vomit in public
Don’t insult her
But leave it to me
I will clear off the mess

Nyoremo is “heavy”
Just about to deliver
And bring joy to our house
If she will prefer sleeping
When fellow women are working
Don’t call her lazy
Instead leave it to me
I will work on her behalf

My wife is in the last stage
Of her first pregnancy
And am eagerly waiting
To see the pride of her motherhood
If she annoys you in any case
Please don’t revenge
But just leave it to me
I will sort out everything

@Sebby_The Poet™
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That moment in life
When you wake up
To a bright morning smile
Of the infant new born
The smile that heals your pains
And add flavour to taste of life
Making you to realize your worth
The worth of motherhood

Should I call it patience
Or true perseverance
For everyone can be a mum
But it takes much tolerance
To be a proud mother
Delighted by the fruit
Of her labour pains

The pride of motherhood
Is in the giggle of the new born
In its deep dimples
Sinks the mother’s pains
The child’s laughter
Brightens the mother’s morning
Giving solace to her heart

My duty as a mother
Is to hold you with tenderness
Teach you the values of life
Listen to your unique language
As I struggle to understand it
As a mother I will treasure you
For you are a jewel to my eyes
A healing to my heart
And a home to take refuge in
You are my pride
The pride of my motherhood

@Sebby_The Poet™
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This small handcuff
On my ring finger
Makes memories to linger
Memories of that bright day
We entered into this prison
Prison of great happiness
Captive of sweet moments
This handcuff on my finger
Is the evidence of our sentence
Together with my inmate
We happily handcuffed ourselves
When we said “I do”
And then sentenced for life
Into this jail of happiness
Where the ring is the handcuff
That bind our hearts together

@Sebby_The Poet™
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A poet’s pen
Is like a double edged sword
It puts everything open
Uncovering all that is hidden
It can write to praise
Still it can criticize
It is always precise
Ready to hail values
As it rebukes vices

This poet’s pen
Is crying out loudly
Pouring torrents of tears
Oozing from it’s tiny socket
Spreading the black tears
On immaculate white paper
Crying about corruption
That is ematiating the nation

I admire the courage
Of the poet’s pen
It never fears victimization
Neither is it afraid of frustration
The pen says no lie
And never hides what is to be exposed

Poet’s pen is extraordinary
It always drain itself
Bringing out rot of society
Exposing venomous venom
That corrode the fabric of community
Venom that eats away our personality
Poet’s pen is genuine
Ready to expose ills of society

@Sebby_The Poet™
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That land in yonder
Where laughter is louder
The land of peace and order
Where cries are never heard
Wait for me here I come
Treat me as one of you
Please don’t evict me
Let me feel the breeze of peace
The land with no tribalism
Today I quite my home
Allow me seek refuge there
Make me feel tenderness again
My country is a no go zone
It lost peace long ago

@Sebby_The Poet™
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