Elders of Majengo
I am not being defiant to you
But I mind the unmarried
Don’t you see Nafula is taking long
To leave her father’s house
Please make haste
It is getting late

Her first suitor was a handsome man
Humble and from our neighborhood
In him I saw a husband
Able to keep Nafula’s beauty
Ready to abide by our traditions
But our daughter took him as a joker
Embarrassed “our son in law” left
And Nafula remained in her father’s home

Respected elders
Our daughter is growing old
Can’t you see her face is wasting
Yet she has no interest in marriage
Her second suitor has been begging
To take her home for long
And he is now threatening
To take back his dowry
Please make haste
Our daughter’s beauty is fading

The old man is worried
Her daughter refused to be married
Where will he hide his face
From the laughing neighbours
All her sisters are now taken
But she is deaf to marriage tales
Please make haste
The old man’s heart is bleeding

Dowry is the mother’s pride
A true gift from the daughter
Please elders of Majengo
Make haste to help Nafula
And save her parents the disgrace
Her beauty is wasting

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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