The body seems tired
But the spirit is much willing
To keep walking through
This journey that is tough
Though it has temptations
I won’t betray my intentions
I am on a race
To a much better place

This is an eternal race
I won’t stop in any case
My destination knows no race
Nor the beauty of the face
All I need is the purity of the heart
To be in a place where I won’t be hurt

I am on a spiritual race
And I always keep the pace
I won’t retreat in any case
For my faith has a strong base
Enough to bring me peace
Once I finish this race

This race is worth to run
To its destination my heart yearn
For its finish line is above the sun
A place of singing and more fun
I am keeping my pace as I run
With eyes facing up on the sky
I am on a race
To the eternal peace

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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