My son
Wake up when the dew still glitter
Tighten your belt tight
Set your bare feet on cold grass
Let them be pierced by the cold
Let your hands be frozen
Feel the pain before you grow old
Always be ready for your chores
For there is no time to waste

If it will rain heavily
That the weather remain chilly
And your neighbours remain indoor
Wake up very early
Print your bare feet on muddy ground
Wade through the runoff
And walk to your farm
There is no time

If your neighbour insults you
Because of your poor life status
Don’t cause dram
Be determined like a swimmer
Take the hoe and dig your farm
Do it with zeal than before
So that you change your situation
For there is no time

If you think of doing anything son
Do it immediately
Everything is possible under the sun
Don’t mix your work with fun
Never procrastinate your plan
It is now or never
For there is no time
You waste it, you lose a lot

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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