I have seen the importance
Of breaking this silence
By making you my audience
You may not realize its relevance
Until you finish reading this letter
I have notified you in advance
That am just breaking the silence

You may be having hard times
Regretting for serving me with bitter lemons
In return to the sweet passions
That I served you with
Maybe it wasn’t your fault
Your unkind heart lied to you
Which ended us into this mess
After you killed our romantic rhythm
Erase those haunting memories
The water is already spilled

I am not trading my desparation
To initiate this communication
Am just bringing it to your attention
That you clear that illusion
For we are like magnet’s like poles
Stop fantasizing of a re-attraction
After you induced a great repulsion

I am just speaking out my mind
Saying what is in the cages of my heart
I think my heart is the most kind
For I can talk to you after being hurt
It is because am now even better
Being with you was a thorn in my heart
Piercing it everyday
Robbing my peace day and night
Putting my heart at bay
Since the thorn was removed
All is now right

Allow me to stop there today
I have said all I had to say
Let me thank you in a special way
For letting me go my way
I still wish you well in your stay
But erase those suffocating memories
Since the love was long lost

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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