A poet’s pen
Is like a double edged sword
It puts everything open
Uncovering all that is hidden
It can write to praise
Still it can criticize
It is always precise
Ready to hail values
As it rebukes vices

This poet’s pen
Is crying out loudly
Pouring torrents of tears
Oozing from it’s tiny socket
Spreading the black tears
On immaculate white paper
Crying about corruption
That is ematiating the nation

I admire the courage
Of the poet’s pen
It never fears victimization
Neither is it afraid of frustration
The pen says no lie
And never hides what is to be exposed

Poet’s pen is extraordinary
It always drain itself
Bringing out rot of society
Exposing venomous venom
That corrode the fabric of community
Venom that eats away our personality
Poet’s pen is genuine
Ready to expose ills of society

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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