That moment in life
When you wake up
To a bright morning smile
Of the infant new born
The smile that heals your pains
And add flavour to taste of life
Making you to realize your worth
The worth of motherhood

Should I call it patience
Or true perseverance
For everyone can be a mum
But it takes much tolerance
To be a proud mother
Delighted by the fruit
Of her labour pains

The pride of motherhood
Is in the giggle of the new born
In its deep dimples
Sinks the mother’s pains
The child’s laughter
Brightens the mother’s morning
Giving solace to her heart

My duty as a mother
Is to hold you with tenderness
Teach you the values of life
Listen to your unique language
As I struggle to understand it
As a mother I will treasure you
For you are a jewel to my eyes
A healing to my heart
And a home to take refuge in
You are my pride
The pride of my motherhood

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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