Today I will sleep tight
I will close my eyes tight
To separate them from moonlight
Let it be off my sight
For I am seeing a vision tonight
So let me sleep tight

Tonight will be my turning point
To change my social status
For I will be dreaming big
And my fate is in that dream
A dream of revelation
In which I peg my vision
So don’t wake me up
You will abort my dream

Let me sleep quietly
And float on the sea of my dream
Let me feel the waves of my vision
As they move towards the shore
The shore of its fulfilment
Let me feel free
In the atmosphere of my dream
And soar high like a kite
In a turbulence free air
Let me feel the calmness of the night
Until I wake up myself

If my home will be invaded
And the “lazy hunters” steal my bull
Let them go with it
Don’t wake me up in my dream
For this dream is worth seven bulls
Let me wake up myself
When my dream has come true

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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