Today I strip my heart naked
Before your proud eyes
I want you to feel this scar
That robs my heart its beauty
The scar of memories
That always linger

Stretch your precious finger
And tour my fresh wound
Soak you finger in the blood
Of my bleeding heart
And ask yourself if I deserved
To pay for my loyalty
You may not realize my worth
Am sure you forgot my patience
On which you walked over
Smashing my innocent heart

In your sweet nothings
Whispered in my obedient ears
I always got meaning in them
Even as you promised heaven
I remained optimistic to it
Always believing your word
How come your sweet meant bitter
And your heaven meant hell
Anyway the loyal ones wait
But the unfaithful move on

My mind is at crossroads
Should I or should I not
Should I also move on
And erase you off my mind
My mind is still conflicting
Though making up isn’t in my mind
U decide to wait
And give myself time to decide
For I was the loyal one


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