This magical Rose flower
That stands bold every hour
The only solid Rose
Thriving among thorny scrubs
This Rose is the epitome of hope
In which my wandering soul find rest

This thornless Rose
Shiny and odorless
The Rose that ever blossom
Even when humiliated by thorns
The Rose that is deaf to the foe
And only listens to me-the gardener
On its leaves I will lay my heart
And feel its tender touch

The golden rose among thorns
Which draws its water
From the springs of my tenderness
The Rose that thrives in winter
And its fruits ripen in summer
On its petals I lay my heart
For not even the storms
Can sway it away from the gardener

I am ruled by jealous
The thorns are envying my Rose
For its beauty is exceptional
So before they steal it
I am transplanting it to my house
When I wake up every morning
I will kiss the beautiful petals
Feel the warmth of the tender leaves
Then I will feel like a hero
For having that beauty besides me

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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