Though this stretch is rough
Its end holds my destiny
As the journey gets more tough
With nobody to keep me company
I am still determined to walk through
Let me endure this agony
For at the end I will laugh

The spirit is still willing to go
But the body is very tired
I am feeling so low
The situation am in is quite hard
Behind me is no light anymore
And the front is a dark ditch

In this dirty tunnel
Where mud is the cushion to my sorrows
I am forced to travel
Piercing through like an arrow
Wadding through the muddy channel
Daring the darkness of this hollow
Where sorrow is my favourite meal
Is there any hope for tomorrow?

As I think of losing hope
In this tunnel of humiliation
I can see a beam of light
Penetrating through this open gap
The light of the morning sun
Giving out smiles of hope
Kissing away my pain
Hugging me with comforting arms
Marking my breakthrough
After a rough tough journey

@Sebby_The Poet ™
All rights reserved


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