When I will grow old and weak
And my pen starts to leak
The day my poetic personality will be dead
And all my poems are fade away
When all my punchlines will be lost
And my head remain an empty vessel
Unable to lull you with sweet rhymes
Will you
Will you still give me attention
Or will you opt for a better option

That one evening
When my hand will be heavy
Too heavy to pick a pen
And weave letters to bring out soothing rhythm
When my words will lose test
And hit your ears plain without flevour
Will you still do me a fevour
Or will you opt to test elsewhere
Just to feel the same test differently

When my tongue will be stuck
And I can’t recite to you
Your fevourite of my poems
Will you plead to me to recite them
Or will you lower your worth
And listen to other poets my maiden

That one morning
When my palms will be old and cold
Will you stick to the saying
That old is gold
Or will you look for warmer palms
To warm you up again
And ignite your almost sleeping spirit
Will you
Will you hold my cold palms tight
And let me feel the warmth
Which I was used to?

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved



Me and you
Our noses face down
You live in town
I live in the bushes
Aren’t we all beings
Breathing same free air
Try to be fair friends
And hold the venom
With which you corode my lungs
Let me just die my own death

The petty friend
Make yourself busy for once
Tenderize your heart
Please let me be free
Let me also grow fat
Your breathe is suffocating
Hold it for a minute
And let me see the next decade

Don’t you also bend low
When tying shoe laces as I do
I hope you do that too
Why do you feel big
As if you have a diamond ore
At that common point
Where your two legs meet
Do you breath medals?
And sneeze diamonds
The answer is no
So let me be
Let me fly in this swift free air

My petty friend
Like me you have two rounded “pebbles”
Twitching round in our sockets
Like me you also fall asleep
And cry when it is necessary
You live in town
I live in bushes
Does it make us different?
We are still humans
So let me be
Because you don’t cough gold
And vomit dollars

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


Ten years on duty
On toes day and night
A whole decade of pity
Surrounding the maiden city
We always tighten our belts
No more hope for tomorrow
But still ready and steady
No sleep
Until we accomplish the duty

Paah!! Paah!! Paah!!
The boots roll on plains
Everyone is alert
Our mission is to end the pains
Once we conquer the slain foe
Ten years of Boom!! Boom!!
Children crying
Women suffering most
But we made a vow
Never to show them our backs
Until we see them straight on the ground

Their belts are loosening
Their boots are now slippery
The ten years have weakened them
Their ringleaders have already flown
To take a swift breathe elsewhere
This atmosphere was suffocating them
Soon the remnants will bow down
They will raise up their arms
With their heads down
They will vacate the town

The signs are clearly showing
The rainbow above has brought victory
To mark the end of era
The foe will soon kneel
Then I will down my bow
Quench my thirst will my sweat
I will bid goodbye to fellow group men
Go far away,to my native land
Court my girl and wed
Then I will sit by the fire
And wait to grow old
After keeping my vow

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


From unknown spheres in the blues
A silent but shrieking voice hit my ears
Spreading fast like a deadly flu
Strong enough to cause fears
It is a voice of command
It is Mercus Gurvey
Inquiring if Africans have been freed
As they celebrate them, their heroes

In the deep sea of silence
Devoid of harassment and violence
A sea silent like matyres’ grave
I hear a voice of silence
Loud but devoid of nuisance
It is Mzee Jomo Kenyatta
Inquiring of Harambeism is still honoured
As we celebrate him as a hero

By the banks of a river
In a once luxuriant forest
Now infested with “black ants”
Gnawing its roots greatly
Devouring its initial beauty
I bow down to listen keenly
To listen to the voice of silence
It is Prof Wangari Mathai
Inquiring if forests are still conserved
As we celebrate her today

Far in the sapphire skies
I open wide my eyes
To see the horizon beyond mine
All I hear is voices of silence
Of patriots lost in another sphere
Inquiring silently
If the flames they left are still lighting
As we celebrate them -the heroes

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


At times I feel so depressed
So low that I only need a rest
At times I feel I have lost focus
When success becomes a mirage
And escape me like birds of passage
Even when my heart is just about to….
I still rise like a feather
Blown by smooth swift wind

As I walk in the shadows of death
And Wade in the mad of iniquity
When overwhelmed by my burden
That I can’t see light
At the end of the tunnel
I still get hopes of rising
Like a seed blown by harmattans
I still rise to higher height
For I am surrounded by His light

When my heart feel so broken
That my body rebuke my spirit
When crying endures for a night
I stand out like a soldier in a fight
For tomorrow will cometh joy
When my faith is weakened
And am just about to fall of sin
I still rise and soar high
For His mercy rests upon me

When everything seem not to work
And am about to lose myself
Into the eternal darkness
His light hits hard on me
And light up my path clear
That I collect my broken spirit
Ready to walk upright again
When the cloud of pessimism fall on me
Like a germinating seed I penetrate
And find my way to rise
For his love covers me

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


What happens to dreams when postponed
Do they wither like roses in summer
Or wait patiently to be remembered
Do they stink like stale queen cakes
What really happens
When dreams are not realized
Do they vanish like dwindling dew
Once the sun rises
Or do they wait for their time to come
Wait the dreamer to re-dream
And Hull them from unconscious mind
So that they resurface again
And be realized once and for all
What happens to dreams when deffered?

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


Deep in the cages of my heart
I feel I should let you know this
For I have now gathered the guts
After a fall that brought to me this
I know truth will always hurt
Accept since you are responsible for this
To such words my ears will always shut
So that I escape sorrows of tomorrow

Not today, not even tomorrow
My wound is still fresh and bleeding
I can’t welcome another sorrow
My scar is still sore and paining
Your thorns pierced my heart like an arrow
With pain all over spreading

The heart once closed like a cylinder
Holding love strongly and passionately
The heart once tender
Now feels no shreds of tenderness
Everything reversed when I realized earlier
That the love I cherished most
Was like dwindling dew
It melted once the sun rose
Leaving no traces of intimacy
The sun had exercised its supremacy
Making my heart a hollow of emptiness
A void that can’t hold affection

When the cloud settled in our midst
Cutting off strings that bound our hearts
Fading the light at the end of the tunnel
My heart has then defined its limits
It has constricted like the end of a funnel
Its walls have been smeared by oil
Its bottom has created a basement
Heavy enough and immune to feelings
So for now I can’t feel love again
Not today, not even tomorrow

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved

TO THEM……………

Today I write this open letter
Am compelled to write now, not later
To address those who think they matter
Those who pretend to be mediators
Them who think they know better
Promising all that sound sweeter
Yet in return will live life that is bitter

To them our negotiators
Who come humble in sheep skin
Yet inside are slain wolves
Them who promise us heaven
Yet can’t even deliver clouds
We are watching with a third eye
The sons of peasants will soon act

To the “humble humiliators”
Feasting and dining on our sweat
Trembling on us with gigantic feet
Urinating at the upper part of the river
Not caring about those below poverty line
Drinking from it’s lower end
Those vomiting on our humility
Beating the hands that elevated them

To them the carnivores
Eating meat, leaving bones to us
Those who eat liver and give us ribs
Those who serve us with hooves and hides
Today poetic chronicles hit hard on you
I will melt the hooves to make shoes
The hides will cover me from cold
I will cook bones and drink its soup
I will then blow the horn
And mobilize fellow wananchi
To kick you out through the ballot
For the majority have its say

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


Pregnant clouds weigh heavily
Lighting flashes simultaneously
A change of season will soon be marked
With showers of hope dropping again
Paying a visit to our thirsty soil
It is Yoooh!! Yoooh! in every home
Children dancing to welcome the rains

The rainbow is lost in the deep clouds
The sooty black clouds are suspending
Ready to drop and quench our hearts
The wind has stopped to blow
Cattle are mowing no more
Goats are jumping up and down
Celebrating the onset of rains
For soon the grass will grow
And dust has stopped to blow
Once again water will flow
On our thirsty cracking land

Soon the cassava will grow
And food stores will be full
Newly married women will be at task
To mill cassava on traditional mills
Made of two stones-big and small
Food will again remain on plates
And children will always rejoice
For the rain is a source of life

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


Locked in this bedrom
Of my round roofed house
Chewing cards of last night’s happenings
Longing for tomorrow in pessimism
I take my pipe and……………
Just to steady my brain nerves
And freak off the fear in me
For this pipe makes me more sane
In this tension where tomorrow is untold

Situation down here is unpredictable
Raining from dawn to dusk
Yet we still sweat profusely
With the BOOOM!! BOOOOOM!! everywhere
Cloating the blood in our veins
The atmosphere is suffocating
Out there is a no go zone
Flooded with the modern matyres
Silenced by nozzles of the riffles

The poet’s mind
Has become an oasis of thoughts
Thoughts flowing none stop
Imitating the blood oozing out there
From the butchered bodies of the innocents
When did fighting start
And when will it end
Why has humanity escaped us
And insanity ruled in replacement
Will peace ever prevail again
And conquer the war mongers
Who have buried their mercy deep down

Here up country
There is nothing to smile about
Gunshots fill the air
Tomorrow is a total mirage
It is boom!! booooo! from dawn to dusk
Reducing innocent souls to dust

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved